Your moment of relaxation

Swaying dandelions in a summer breeze. A light April shower. Sea spray, sunset reflecting in the waves. Floating lanterns into the moonlit sky.

That subtle bubble popping, lulling you to sink beneath the waves.

That moment of relaxation in a busy day.

Hydrating. Nourishing. Balancing. Soothing.

Imagine a spa, anytime you need a moment of relaxation.

Our unique bath formula is enriched with natural coconut oil, moisturizing and nourishing your skin. As you soak, rich, creamy bubbles envelop your skin, leaving it soft, with an inviting aroma of blended natural scents.

Fill a tub. Later into a foam. Sink beneath the bubbles.

It’s YRS. time.

Our mission is to create a moment of relaxation in your busy day, bringing the essence of Thai aromatherapy spa to your bathing routine.

YRS bath products have been carefully developed over years of research and experimentation to provide the highest quality natural bath soak. Formulated with natural coconut-derived foam, epsom salts, essential oils, clays, teas, charcoal, and more, YRS soaks are an elevated bath experience that will be the highlight of your day.

  • Natural ingredients

    More than just a bubble bath, our foaming baths are made from real ingredients that nourish and soothe your skin.

  • 100% Essential oils

    Instead of fragrance and perfume, our products are formulate with pure essential oils for bath aromatherapy.

  • SLS & Paraban free

    Our bath foam is derived from pure coconut cream, for luxurious bubbles that soften and protect your skin.

  • Natural colors

    Infused with charcoal, clays, matcha, and more, our bath powders are naturally colored with real ingredients.