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You know the feeling of slipping into a hot bath after pushing yourself to the limits, hiking to a summit, skiing a perfect run, catching the waves on a surf board, or snorkeling for hours on end? It’s a moment of well-earned relaxation to wrap a perfect day—all the more so when, as in Thailand, bathtubs aren’t an everyday household fixture.

Or those other times, when you’re at a resort, and the universe has other plans for your long weekend. Monsoon rains pellet the grounds, and plans for activities are washed away. A hot soak is the perfect way to redeem the day into one of meditative relaxation.

That essence of relaxation at a spa, in a perfect bath, in rest after exploring the world, that’s what we wanted to distill into our products.

Because sometimes you need a moment by yourself. A time away from the bustle of life into the bliss of serenity. Even in Bangkok, there’s not enough time to book a spa, let alone a weekend adventure. But you’ve got time for a bath that can transform into a spa for just a moment, your moment, of relaxation.

YRS, we called it. Your ideal day, your favorite way to relax, the scents and colors that calm your soul, they’re unique to you. Everyone deserves your own time, your own moment of relaxation. It’s YRS bath, YRS time.

So we set out to formulate your perfect bath soak. One that’d make your skin feel as good after the bath as it did while you were soaking under the bubbles. One infused with the flower and herb extracts that’d leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. One that was as good for the world as it is for you.

From explorers to inventors

We researched. Studied aromatherapy, blending essential oils, and natural skincare routines. Experimented with ingredients, discovering the differences between traditional bubbles and the nourishing effects of coconut foam. Three years of experiments and developments, dozens of formulations, testing by family and friends. And we had it: The perfect recipes for YRS baths.

We started with coconut foam, fusing the essence of Thai cuisine into a bath that leaves your skin feeling as good after your soak as it does while you’re in the bath. We added mineral salts to soothe your muscles while soaking. Then we fused essential oils from both Thai spa and aromatherapy practices for a bath that soothes your mind and body together. And to round out the natural bath blends, we used clays, teas, and bamboo charcoal to subtly hint the water and transform your bath experience.

Even the packaging was a development journey. Fully biodegradable packaging, today, still can’t lock out moisture enough to keep your bath powder fresh and ready for use—but we got as close as we could. After rounds of testing, we landed on the thinnest plastic and foil coating possible for waterproofing, with a paper pouch core and recyclable air vents. Our dream is a world free of trash washing up on shore, and we’re continuing development to find the most eco-friendly packaging possible.

The next time you’re on a trip, recovering from jetlag, resting after walking across a city, or just recharging to face tomorrow’s challenges, fill a tub. Make it YRS bath. Lather up the foam. Sink beneath the bubbles. Inhale the aroma.

Breath in. Breath out. It’s YRS moment of bliss.

Our Company

YRS. products are developed, designed, and produced in Bangkok, Thailand, crafted from global ingredients, designed with sustainability in mind. Our parent company Outbound Co. Ltd. and founding team has over a decade in import/export experience, working with manufacturing partners that have decades of experience in cosmetics and skincare.

Outbound Co., Ltd.
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Bangkok, 10110

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